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assessment criteria

Applying artists and their projects will be assessed by the committee of A L T O founders who will contemplate projects following these criteria:
Project cohesiveness, aesthetic & conceptual integration of ideas, critical awareness of the work undertaken, quality & professionalism.
The land conceptually and materially provides a considerable amount of space within which to produce outside of a studio environment. We recommend when possible an integration of the land into the work, yet this is not a requirement.

art materials

Most professional art materials can be bought in Brasilia. We have limited materials in town and these have to be acquired by you. If you want to be sure about quality and brand make sure to bring materials with you.
In the region we have high quality quartz crystals, red earth, wood, bamboo and other natural materials which can be used for working. Some of it grows on the land others have to be purchased. We have basic tools for art yet full tools for garden and some good electrical wood cutting machine equipment. There is also a great amount of palm trees and other woods that you can look into as materials with potential.


The resident’s kitchen has all the equipment necessary to cook your own meals such as pots and pans, bread maker, plates, cutlery and so on. This kitchen is shared with people who are working on our permacultural project.The water at home is mineral with no added chlorine or fluoride and of extreme high quality and good taste. You do not need to buy bottled water.
Once or twice a week we organize shared potluck dinners (where everybody brings something to eat and to drink) and if you want you can share this dinner and its coziness. We generally do not prepare meals for residents as you have your own kitchen but if you would like our chef to prepare it for you we can tell you the cost.


You buy your own food at the local supermarkets and every Saturday there is an organic farmer’s market where we participate selling our shiitake mushrooms and you can buy great local produce. If you require special dietary products we recommend you to bring them, the town has a special organic shop with some special products, the house is generally vegetarian. If you are staying for a longer time you are very welcome to plant your own veggies on our great veggie patches.

internet & phone

The house has an ADSL connection and a router for wireless working. If you have your own laptop, you can work on the internet in the kitchen, hall, meeting room or direct surroundings where the signal of the router is received. Using the internet is free for normal use with your own laptop or other wireless device.
If you do not have your own laptop or cellphone, be aware that you generally have to use one of the many internet facilities in Alto Paraiso town. Our PC is, of course, available for urgent use.
For your cell phone check in your country which provider you need in Brazil. Alternatively, consider buying a mobile phone in Brasilia or a Brazilian sim card. For relatively cheap phoning all over the world buy Skype credit. We have a landline in our private residence of the house that you can use in an emergency. For other calls we request you to use your own cell phone, Skype or a similar program on your computer. Alternatively, you can use public telephones in town.


Audiovisual and computer;

2 video projectors; DVD player/video recorder (VHS-NTSC); 1 Power pc. black-and-white/colour printer; good Internet.
The artists may use this equipment on an occasional basis to complement their studio work. Artists who wish to make intensive and continuous use must bring their own computer.
Carpentry – We have a fully working wood workshop space with Machine Tools.
Machine tools – Electric plane; drills; routers; clamps; gouges, chisels and knives,
electric wood cutters etc;
To meet artist's other needs, we also solicit other technical resources in the region.

some hints

Feel free to rearrange the furniture in your apartment, to take paintings off the wall and so on.
In case of emergency, we are always available to help solve your problems. For issues with less urgency: try to collect them until a moment that is convenient for us, preferably 10am-1pm.
After 10 pm, please keep noise to a minimum in the main house and on the terraces and restrict noisy activities to the working studios. Residents are expected to clean their apartments themselves.  We will provide cleaning tools and materials.
Smoking inside the buildings is not allowed. In the dry seasson, smokers should use caution to prevent fires related to smoking outside. At the end of your stay we expect you to leave your room/apartment as clean as it was when you arrived (or pay us to do it).

jungle life & local transport

If you are used to living in big cities you may experience both the advantages and the limitations of being in the jungle. It is our experience that nearly all residents enjoy the advantages of jungle life and can easily cope with the limitations.

Advantages are, for instance, that nature starts at your door step. You can take fantastic nature walks and enjoy our permaculture gardens. The nights are incredibly powerful with a sky full of stardust and shooting stars.
If you do not have a car there are limitations as well: the nearest super market is 13 km away with no buses to the nearby town and you will have to adjust your needs to our back and forth trips to town or get taxis.
Please note: if you are not comfortable with being in nature, don’t like to hike or are afraid of the rainforest, this probably is not the place for you. We have 3 house dogs and 3 cats at the property. Our residents will have a unique experience at the Jungle House and we are delighted to provide it, but the main attraction is the secluded and gorgeous location and views.
In the mornings & evenings we are presented with an orchestra of sounds of birds, monkeys and insects. It can be said that it is also mellow on the insect level compared to other places in Brazil. Please bring natural insect repellant if you will be using any as we do not want to pollute the local stream.
Once a week we go to Alto Paraiso town for shopping. You can join us or give us your shopping list. You can ask us to drive you to town but in case we cannot combine it with our own activities we may charge a fee that is around R$ 150, also it is possible to be picked up by local taxi motorbike for R$ 50 each way.
We will inform you about options and costs before you decide what transport you prefer.
Of course, in case of an emergency we are always and with no limitation ready for transport. Medical facilities are in Alto Paraiso (First Aid, 24 hrs service)


This part of the country has a pleasant tropical mountain climate with  tropical rain in the rainy season Nov-Dec-Jan-Feb.
Winter: 7°C/24°C; Spring 13°C/28°C; Summer: 15°C/25°C; Autumn: 9°C/23°C.
Please check yahoo weather for specific dates.


We are an international team, speaking mostly English and Portuguese, but we speak also Finnish, Italian, Spanish and French.


You must have an international medical insurance and a third party insurance. The Centre does not accept legal responsibility.


We charge for the laundry service. The cost is 50 BRL per wash load if you stay with us for up to 4 weeks or 25 BRL for those staying 4 weeks or more. 

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